From commercial developments for international corporates, to retail developments that win awards, the founders of Johannesburg-based Stratford Property Ventures has been at the forefront of development for more than 30 years. Both in Europe or Africa, our portfolio of successfully completed projects has been the driving force behind the regeneration of numerous identified development nodes. Bryanston in Sandton, Butterworth in the Transkei, Pallini in Athens, Beukenhorst-Oost in the Netherlands and Windhoek Central are just some of the examples of this regeneration and the resulting area growth.

Stratford Property Ventures’ success is, in part, attributed to the foresight that we have honed throughout our years in operation. In conjunction with this, the emphasis that we place on working closely with a remarkably talented team, both in-house and outsourced, enables Stratford Property Ventures to transform areas and their neighbouring communities. The founders of Stratford Property Ventures, still directing our efforts to this day, offer invaluable expertise and foresight that contributes to our ability to remain thought-leaders. Pairing an acute understanding of the market with a strategic and sustainable long-term vision, we consistently deliver exceptional return on investment.

Renowned for our conviction that development should transpire only once a particular or trend is identified, Stratford Property Ventures achieve return on investment by taking a tailor-made approach to development. In other words, we develop with a specific purpose in mind and do not subscribe to merely creating generic prefabricated developments. Most often, our clients and investors approach us with a set of requirements and Stratford Property Ventures undertake to meet these requirements in an innovative, responsible and cost-effective manner.

Value Offering

Our unique and comprehensive value offering includes:

  • Identifying strategic development nodes
  • Concept-development
  • Town-planning
  • Developing commercial, retail and industrial property on behalf of investors
  • Project management of construction
  • Coordinating development phases
  • Marketing and management of letting

By carefully assessing the market and concentrating on delivery developments that drive growth and offer substantial value, Stratford Property Ventures architect sustainable area plans, develop responsible structures and construct landmarks that promote the longevity of a community as well as the legacy of our organisation.

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